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断捨離 Danshari

Danshari is Japanese deep cleaning, let go the things no longer vibes with you and choose only what inspire you today.

Because you let go things, you can let in new things. You need to hold a space for the new things to come.

Get organized, be light, feel the air flows around your home and get mind cleared!

We are here to assist your new steps.

We encourage customers themselves get involved with the steps. To see what you have and make your decisions. It generally takes 3-4 hours for one person’s closet. If you have 1 bedroom, you may need 2 whole day to complete your entire home.

We can recommend you the organizing material supplies if you want to set up, keep your closet neat and updated. We always can come out with idea to make your organizing system with only what you have.

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First step. To notice that you are not happy about your life/living environment/relationship/job/style which can be the motivations in your life.

Step 2. Seek for the reasons and what you want to do about it? How can you make it better? Think why do you feel this way? What’s blocking you from free happy feelings? Most of the reasons come from attachments and other people and things which are not about to you but YOU are feeling and obligated to do so.

Go over what you have in your home. Do you need this? Why are you keeping that? Do you love it? Not for the other people, just for you.

Finding what you like is like merriering your mind.

Step 3. Decor your home with things that you love will give excitement. Excitement will give you creativity.

Home is where you can Be selfish, be honest and keep authentic parts of you. The place should always make you feel safe, comfortable and inspiring.

Kinone_t 木の音, we want to make sure you are FEELING good all the time!

So you can keep being CREATIVE, motivative, positive and kind to the others.

When you are happy and well, everything will go well because you are relaxed enough to experience good side of any situations come to you.

When you are tired because of working all the time so unclear, you make wrong choices. Your take long time to get and find what you want.

How to control your feelings?

Be surrounded by what you love and truly represent YOU.

When was last time you reviewed all the things you have in your home? All your clothes, shoes, accessories, memories, tangled up codes, kitchen supplies, etc… You will surprise how much shop you have done!

Every once in while, my mom told us to “Danshari” – keep just you need now and throw away stuff that no longer fit you.

Our flavor changes every second, your closet should reorganized as you change.

Once you try Danshari, you know exactly what you have, how much you have that gives you the chances to make/imagine your future plan.

Start Now! Declutter your home and design your ideal life into real.

We are here to help you!!!

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