Organize Your Home

Why do you want to organize your space?

Why do we like to keep things neat and clean?

It’s simply you feel GREAT being in the clean enviroment. It doesn’t matter where you live, how big the size of your place, if you have stuff, spaces are cluttered, you won’t be motivated to do something new and lazier than what you really can at least for me.

Why do I need to let go my stuff?

I am lazy person, I don’t like to clean too often. I tried many ways from reading some magazines, blogs, method from others to keep things organized in my life.

I loved to start new way and excited about it in the beginning but It was hard for me to keep up the way and in 6 months later my room went back to the same mess.

I am lazy but I want to keep my home clean and neat. I always motivated myself for going out, trying something new and I knew that my home station effected me. So I never stop trying to keep good home for my emotion.

And some point, I accepted that I couldn’t follow others method and I gett board easily for something not enjoyable from me. I had to create my own way, I knew myself the most.

It was simple, every time I put my room together back, it took me long time because I kept too much stuff that no longer fit me. So I gave up most of clothing and shoes and decided not to buy QUANTITY and get QUALITY. Now I chose things that last longer, well made, love and I need for living.

When you let things go, you are also reconnecting with your true emotions inside and good memories. But remember the moments are now gone and you are living “NOW”, this moment , and most of you are very different mind, shape, emotion and flavor from your past.

I always thanks when I let go things, have appreciation to my experiences and things because those made me happy in the past moment.

Surrounded by only good memories and simplify life. Things can give you positive thoughts, relax, unique and creative about future. Once in your life time, believe truly that you have total control over your life, whatever happens to you and falls into the situation/path are meant for you to have that experience.

You need to be clear, empty mind to be connected.

So you can choose what is best for you and less stress from the attachment.

Start First Step is to feel that you are not yet COMFORTABLE about your own.

Photo by cottonbro

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