About me


I born and raised in Gifu, Japan, moved to New York City in my early 20s. I am a spiritual life consultant, personal organizer to help people build their life and space, advising ideas for home to be more comfortable and identify you. I owned my business in NYC and lost, fall in love with someone and got divorce. My mom was single mother and I didn’t have bright childhood but I got a lot of experiences. Because I didn’t grown up in warm normal family, I learned a lot, got hurt but I appreciate all my path now I know I had to see different perspective in order to find the key to the mission, meaning and happiness in my life.

I hope no kid need to suffer like I have anymore.

I strongly recommend Organized Minimalist life, it will give us a lot of space to hold their moment for NOW. This way, you see yourself clear, our life can be stress free, less confusion, be healthy, be happy. Filled with unconditional love all around 衣cloth I wear, 食food I eat and 住place I live. So I can be the part of whole.

Thank you so much for reading.